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Uncovering Kansas tells the story of interesting people, places, events, and business in Kansas. We inspire Kansans to learn more about their state, and start conversations that bring us together.

Apr 28, 2023

There are 1,200 Master Gardeners in the State of Kansas. But in June, there will be Master Gardeners from across the country coming to Kansas for their conference. Ever wonder what the best tomatoes are to grow in Kansas? Or how to manage Japanese Beetles. Well all of these things have one thing in common: the K-State...

Mar 25, 2023

If you are a cyclist, you already know what Unbound Gravel is. If not, today, I’m going to take you into the world of cyclists and how Emporia Kansas has created an event that draws people from 45 different countries. 

I love to highlight how Kansans make their visions come true. Today’s episode is a great example...

Feb 25, 2023

Setting Kansas up to succeed in the future means diversifying into industries that have not traditionally been associated with our state. 

In today’s episode, you are going to learn about a Goodland company that is doing just that.

I like to highlight Kansas companies that are having an impact outside of Kansas....

Jan 29, 2023

We are going to time travel in today’s episode. My guest, Ann Anderson is the author of Posts of a Mid-Century Kid, a memoir about 1950s and 60s Kansas.

Today’s episode is as much about our ability to be present and appreciate what we have - in all aspects of life - as it is an episode about Kansas. There are...