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Uncovering Kansas tells the story of interesting people, places, events, and business in Kansas. We inspire Kansans to learn more about their state, and start conversations that bring us together.

Mar 13, 2019

Angie Pickman is a Kansas artist with a national reputation. Angie imagines and creates  artwork in her Lawrence studio that is a modern twist on the traditional Chinese art form of paper cutting. Her love of nature is front and center in her work and growing up in Kansas provided her with a wealth of inspiration.

In this Uncovering Kansas episode, Rachel talks with Angie about her round trip journey from Kansas to New York. While travelling her creative path Angie built both her talent and her fanbase, her career flourishes as a result. Rachel and Angie discuss how several stereotypes about Kansas no longer hold true. To learn more about Angie, please visit her website, Rural Pearl.