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Mar 25, 2023

If you are a cyclist, you already know what Unbound Gravel is. If not, today, I’m going to take you into the world of cyclists and how Emporia Kansas has created an event that draws people from 45 different countries. 

I love to highlight how Kansans make their visions come true. Today’s episode is a great example of a small group of people who came together around their passion for cycling in the flint hills. 

Fast forward 17 years, and now Unbound Gravel brings in 4,000 riders the weekend after Labor Day.

My guests today are Ben Sachs is the Race Director and Kristi Mohn is the Marketing Manager. You’ll hear how Kristi has been involved with the event from the beginning and Ben since early on and it is a great conversation to understand how the event got started, and what it has become today. I was really interested to hear what it takes to plan the event, and especially the routes for the races. The other thing that was so interesting to me is how the towns along the way participate. 

As Ben says - hope to see you at the Finish Line!

Show Notes:

Unbound Gravel website

Dynamic Discs Episode

Volunteer with Unbound Gravel


What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • What is Unbound Gravel?

  • How Unbound Gravel started

  • How Unbound Gravel routes are planned
  • How to volunteer for Unbound Gravel

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