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Uncovering Kansas tells the story of interesting people, places, events, and business in Kansas. We inspire Kansans to learn more about their state, and start conversations that bring us together.

Apr 27, 2024

Today, I’m talking with Joseph Shephard from Lead for America, a national organization founded by a Kansan and headquartered in Wichita. Lead for America’s tag line is Start Where You Live – and of course I have to learn more about any organization that is trying to keep Kansans in Kansas.

I thought this episode...

Mar 24, 2024

You may have noticed that this month’s episode is a little shorter than normal. That’s because it didn’t start out as an episode. The Kansas Turnpike Authority contacted us about doing a public service announcement about a change they are making in July. They want to get the word out and thought our podcast...

Feb 24, 2024

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Conner Hampton, Executive Director of Flagship Kansas Tech, an organization who’s mission is to propel the tech sector within the state through continuous efforts in awareness, education, and the workforce.  

Flagship Kansas website

Ad Astra Summit website

Episode: Goodland...

Jan 21, 2024

In my day job, I’ve been working in the software industry for going on 10 years, and so when I hear business incubator, my mind immediately pictures a room full of developers in hoodies with headphones on typing away in the dark at a computer. 

But today, you and I are going to learn about a different type of business...